Secret Cinema

Surprise and Delight with an Original Destination Carmel Experience.

Secret Cinema Design Boards

Secret Cinema Design Boards

Who says Carmel has nothing to offer your demographic?

You tell us when and were and we'll bring a free-spirited, informal-yet-luxurious scene for your guests. This is a perfect off-site experience for groups staying locally. This event was created for a group of 40 in Carmel. Client wanted to wow their team with something totally unexpected but was concerned about the crisp Fall weather. There is something really special about this time of year on the Carmel coast and we brought it with luxurious faux fur throws. There was no bad seat to movie-watch with ample plush seating vignettes.

Currently Underway for Groups Coming to the Monterey Peninsula this Fall // For groups of 100+:  For this original experience, we are taking over a forgotten urban space to create an ephemeral industrial LUX secret cinema. Don't worry, there will be plenty of fresh fur throws to take home!

Images: Tracey Lande,  Foreign Cinema